Maycomb County Map

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The map represents the fictional town and county in the classic novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee.

This map of Maycomb shows over 25 locations in Maycomb County as described in the book!

All of the research has been done for you! You will not find another Maycomb County Map like this on the Internet to help you with your project. I actually read the book and created this map from SCRATCH and I’ve never even see the movie either.

So what do you get? The map of Maycomb County, Alabama is a representation of the fictional town portrayed in the book To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. The town is possibly modeled after Lee’s hometown of Monroeville, Alabama. There are over 25 locations in Maycomb shown on the map! These include the Finchs’ home, the Radleys’ home, several of the Finchs’ neighbors, and the Courthouse and town square. Also shown on the map are some of the smaller details, like the Finchs’ treehouse!

There are several locations mentioned in the book that are not described well enough to be able to locate relative to the other places. So I took some creative license in deciding where to place them. (For example, we know there is a drugstore on the town square, but we do not know which side of the square it is on.)

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Guess what else you get with the map?

The Maycomb County Locations Guide!

This is a PDF document that lists all of the locations that were placed on the map of Maycomb County. There are 38 quotes provided in the guide. The guide lists the Chapter, Page Number and quotes from the book where the description of each location is found. The version of To Kill A Mockingbird I used is the one published by Grand Central Publishing in 1988 and is 288 pages long. You can order it from Amazon by clicking here. The page numbers will ONLY match this version! If your book is different, then the chapter numbers will guide you to finding the quotes. OK, here is the fun disclaimer part: Not all locations were easily placed on the map if an exact description wasn’t given, some educated guessing was used. In that case, notes were made in the document for those locations. There is still a lot of creative license that goes into making a map like this so therefore, you may interpret where the locations are differently than I did. Feel free to personalize the map as you recreate it for your assignment! Give yourself a HUGE head start on your Map of Maycomb project!

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